The Kaas Factorij

Away from route 66, in Mashpee, known for The Pen and the liquid they call espresso, there is a building named Kaas Factorij. Outlooking the bay of Triton and the Blue Channel the fully concrete building is in Art-Deco style. It was build as a mansion for a wealthy family. At that time there were parks around the building as the head of the family loved hunting pheasants. After the introduction of property taxes the lands got fragmented, re purposed and the building became vacant.

It was recently bought up by somebody that could be connected to the Jeogeot colonists.

The building is now in use as a cheese factory and cheese retail. Despite the cows there it is unknown where the milk is coming from and who is (are) running the operation.

You can visit the Kaas Factorij and discover the process in making cheese. You can even take home some cheese.

It has been reported that boats and barges sometimes, at night, land on the shores of Triton and offload goods that are taken to this building. You can often find someone at the top floor, even on the roof, with binoculars looking out over the bay.

If you see anything suspicious around here please report this to the head of police, officer T.J. Hooker.
Reporter Vick Forcella

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