Bay City opens Embassy in Jeogeot

Our well esteemed citizen Pygar "Snazzeh" Bu, with the full support of the diplomatic service of our Fair City, has opened an Embassy on the continent of Jeogeot in the region Bora.

The embassy is to improve the relation between the residents of the continents Jeogeot and Sansara and give special attention to the fine people of Bay City.
Bay City Embassy
As explained in a previous article the relation is a bit tense at this moment and despite the calming words of our defensive forces there are some citizens of our Fair City that are extremely worried about the expected connection between the two continents.

The embassy tries to explain, in very easy to understand words, that Sansara and Bay City are nice places to visit and should not be smashed.

In a top secret mission (see image) Supreme Commander, General Thomas J. Hooker; Deputy Supreme Commander, General Norbert Ashland; Chief of Staff, Major-General Silvia Hooker and Brigadier General Jack Dalton of the Sansara Expeditionary Forces have visited the embassy. They did not install any monitoring devices or defensive appliances. It is unknown what else they have done while being on the continent of Jeogeot.
Secret mission
Officials continue to stress that there is no need to prepare for the worst. Stockpile bread and milk, cans of beans and corned beef. Clean up our life shelter, fill the water tanks with fresh water.
There is no threat coming from Jeogeot and the chances of something bad happening is extremely low.

The area around Iridium remains evacuated due to the imminent thread of a tsunami when the continents are connected. Please stop rezzing your beach stretchers there.

Our reporters will continue to monitor the situation and when calamity happens we will inform you some time after the events as soon as we can.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Pygar Bu, TJ Hooker

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