Group Sacrifice Inside Mount G'al

For some time now out world doesn't work the way it is intended. Crossing regions, the feed and other things are failing often lately.
Marianne McCann has identified a probable cause about a week ago. We must honour and feed Mount G'al!

For that she called out everybody she knows, even more, to join her in a special, lethal, ceremony. Following are some images and a transcript of Marianne her words. It might be shocking for some (viewer discretion is advised).

A large group of people is gathered inside Mount G'al (because LL still hasn't fixed the lethality of Mount G'al despite my ticket).
Marianne McCann (alive)
In awe we see Marianne dressed in a ceremonial cloak and a burning, smoking, hat on her head.

[12:00] Marianne McCann shouts: My friends, we live in dark times.
[12:00] Marianne McCann shouts: We are gathered this day, atop Mt G'al to do our solemn duty.

[12:00] Marianne McCann shouts: As it was written in the days of Phil, by esteemed explorer Magellan Linden, sacrifices must be made regularly at Mt G'al, lest the Grid face Her wrath.
[12:01] Marianne McCann shouts: The nearby infohub, and New Citizens Incorporated have supplied and prepared fresh noobs for years for this very purpose.
[12:01] Marianne McCann shouts: We live in a time where a great gridquake has seen the continent of Bellisaria rise from beneath the void sea, delivering the promise of new life -- and new noobs -- upon the grid.
[12:01] Marianne McCann shouts: The Great Volcano Goddess, G'al hungers in anticipation — and she rages, finding her fiery stomach, so far, empty.
[12:01] Marianne McCann shakes her arms to highlight her point
The volcano rumbles, the earth beneath our feet trembles.

[12:02] Marianne McCann: Our teleports fail, our region crossings are brutish, and we often find ourselves lost to the grid when we log in.
[12:02] Marianne McCann shouts: Some of us even end up logged out, for no reason, just a few minutes after we enter the world.

[12:03] Marianne McCann shouts: Even now, as we meet this day, the Second Life feeds fail us, leaving us unable to share this glorious moment.
[12:03] Marianne McCann shouts: The skies appear darker, and the stars themselves are like black hole suns.
The volcano rumbles louder, we almost fall due to the trembling.

Tish (Laetizia Coronet) calls out, from her helicopter far above, not to jump and drink tea.

[12:03] Marianne McCann shouts: The Enhancement of our environment is making it difficult to enjoy the wind in our light.
[12:04] Marianne McCann shouts: Today, we meet for the Greater Good!
[12:04] Marianne McCann: The Greater Good!

The group chants loudly "The Greater Good!", "The Greater Good!", "The Greater Good!"

[12:04] Marianne McCann shouts: To each of you assembled here today, I must call upon you to make the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of the Grid -- and take a flying leap!

As in trance we see Marianne jump into the lava....and vanish.... many follow....

[12:05] Marianne McCann left chat range.
[12:05] Vick Forcella: Oh my
[12:05] Robin Sojourner left chat range.

[12:05] Second Life: You died and have been teleported to your home location
[12:05] Second Life: Teleport completed from Mahulu

[12:05] Silvia Hooker (SilviaHedley) left chat range.
[12:05] T. J. Hooker (ThomasHooker) left chat range.
[12:05] Karin (Karin Sixpence) left chat range.
[12:05] Nivaya Barbosa left chat range.
[12:05] Evola Courtois left chat range.
[12:05] Yeya Zuta left chat range.
[12:05] Anne McMinnar left chat range.
[12:05] Gemma Morland (Gemma Bodenhall) left chat range.
[12:05] Sylvia Templeton Broek (Sylvia Tamalyn) left chat range.
[12:05] Kennylex Luckless left chat range.
[12:05] Vian Magic left chat range.
[12:05] Ik9. (Irishk9 Aeon) left chat range.
[12:05] Dakota Schwade left chat range.
[12:05] Solo Anatra left chat range.
[12:05] Frankie Lindman left chat range.

Solo Anatra made another sacrifice. She went to the Toxic Taco.

For a more complete transcript you can visit Sylvia Tamalyn her Flickr page.

Now that so many have given Mount G'al the ultimate sacrifice we can expect our world to become normal again soon.
Edit to add number one
Check out the sacrifice of Belle Mistwallow.  Jumping into a volcano can be art.
Edit to add number two
Tish (Laetizia Coronet) while hovering, in great danger, above Mount G'al made the following tweet:
"Taking huge risks, the SNG Military Police tried to stop members of the G'al sect from jumping into Mount G'al. Sadly, they blindly followed cult leader Marianne McCann to their death"
Tish attempting to save cult members
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Solo Anatra, Sylvia Tamalyn, Yeya Zuta, Laetizia Coronet, Vick Forcella



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