Police and Fire Blotter

March 7th - Police were called about a possible prowler who rang a person's doorbell and disappeared. The responding officers found a delivered package on the doorstep.

March 15th - A resident called police about his trash cans. He said someone had tipped them over. The suspects were later found in a nearby yard attempting to repeat the crime. Animal control was called and the so called "Trash Bandits" were taken to the Forest of Kahruvel and released.

March 24th - A roving reporter brought word from Jeogeot that a new continent will be coming soon and will link the continent to Sansara. Police were seen escorting several large trucks into town carrying boxes marked "Emergency Supplies"

March 28th - Citizens reported hearing sirens throughout the city. Upon investigation, this turned out to be the Bay City Civil Defense testing the emergency systems in preparation for the new continent to be released. A warden with the BCCD stated that there is nothing to be worried about. The new continent will be far enough away that there is little to no risk of a Tsunami reaching our shores.

March 29th - The Bay City Fire Department responded to a fire at the Bay City Arboretum. The fire quickly spread to several structures in Dennis. Nearby residents were seen carrying long sticks with what appeared to be marshmallows on the end of them. A spokesman for the BCFD stated "These are Ever's Fires. They are just going to have to burn until after Ever's Night. It's actually written in our insurance policy. Though that did come from Dreamscape Life & Alts..."
Reporter Thomas Hooker

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