This concludes the end of this edition.
I expect the articles have captured your interest and have provided you with live changing information.

The staff, reporters and photographers of this newspaper are severely underpaid! Show your appreciation by placing (positive) comments under each article! (posting delayed and moderated)

I want to thank the reporters T.J., Qie and Dakota for their work and articles. When I asked them, they were instantly available. A big thanks to all the freelance photographers.
Without you guys this newspaper would not be here in the news-stands.

I also want to thank Roc for providing us with a place to write and throw coffee cups around. We also appreciate the free beer you gave us. Sorry about the locks and the broken typewriter. Mari did it.

Oh, before I sign off, a small information request.

I have seen someone scruffy walking around the city. He walks stately and is wearing a hat with feathers. There are no reports of him doing anything bad but I'd like to know more. Let me know. Thank you!
Reporter Vick Forcella

The area around Iridium has been evacuated. The risk of a tsunami is deemed extreme due to the expected connection of the SSP regions with Sansara and Jeogeot. The distance between the SSP regions and Jeogeot is expected to be far enough not to pose any risk.

You are advised to stay away from the Iridium regions and be on the alert when visiting Jeojeot.

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