Bay City Post, edition 74

As I was cleaning the offices of the Hyperbole building I arrived at the vacant premises of the Bay City Post. After I scrubbed and cleaned the place I tried out some of the chairs, they sit very comfortably. I looked around and found empty coffee cups with black stains, dustbins still filled with scrapped paper, a telephone that was ringing all the time. As janitor I wasn't allowed to answer phones but I did it anyway.
security cam footage

It was an angry resident complaining about a not delivered newspaper. I tried to tell her, it was a she (I won't reveal your name Sylvia), that there were some logistical problems and that we probably didn't have her address correctly listed. I invented that answer all by myself.

I took her address and put it on the desk of the editor. Then I realized that there is no editor, no staff and no newspaper. Nobody would read the message I just wrote down.

Looking around I could see the potential and the idea of becoming the editor popped into my mind. Quickly I went home, grabbed my tool-belt and installed new locks. If ever Roc would ask I could tell him there was a burglary and that I had to replace them, not so far from the truth.

The next day I called around some mates and friends and asked if they could help out, setting up a new newspaper. TJ was game immediately, he does anything for a good beer. Qie was skeptical and wanted to write an lsl script to generate articles. Mari just wanted to play with her new drumsticks and destroyed a typewriter. Dakota had too much beer and was later arrested by TJ while she was cruising to make articles.
Michael L. dropped by to say Hi to everybody in Bay City.

Together we started work, getting the addresses right, sending out big invoices, and writing up some real serious stuff.

We had to use a second hand printing press I found at a castle in Zindra. The normal one is too complicated and uses methods that haven't even been invented yet! (what is a laser?)

The press we used is easy to handle, just a drum you turn around by hand. You insert the print from the typewriter, wrap it around the drum, poor in ink, add a stack of paper and swing baby swing!

In practice, for you dear readers, this means no columns but a continues roll of paper, top down till the end. Lucky I found some rulers you can see on the web. With the rulers you can select articles made by a reporter or a different ruler to select articles about a specific subject. I also provide some links in this article.

Covered in ink we came up with this edition. I hope you like it. Please ignore the smudges.

-Vick Forcella
On the web, just read top-down till the epilogue.
In-World follow the links below.

In this edition:

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap
Qie Niangao shows how to sow grass

Bay City Cruisn'
Dakota Schwade updates the insurance of her car.

The Kaas Factorij
Vick Forcella visits the Kaas Factorij

Police and fire blotter
Thomas Hooker reports the activities of the Police and Fire dept.

Picture impression of a catastrophic night, by various photographers.

Last period there were breaking publications.

Editor Vick Forcella

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