Molewatcher Mari
We have been missing the moles in our Fair City so we reached out and asked where they are.

Our tough little critters are busy on some well known projects.

Last month, the latest iteration of Linden Homes hit the Second Life grid as the Bellisseria continent raised from beneath the void sea, linking our home continent of Sansara with the southern land mass known as Jeogeot, aka "The Korean Continent."

Bellisseria currently features two types of home environments: houseboats with a portion of dock for parking one's own watercraft, and "traditional homes" which give the area as mid-century suburban feel. While not as community close as, say, Shermerville, the nicely manicured lawns and shaded streets surrounding these homes should be nothing but attractive to your average Bay City looking for a commute to the suburbs.

The continent is probably best reached -- by those who opt to not otherwise just teleport there -- vis air: a trek from Bay City Municipal to the Coral Waters airstrip on the coast of Bellisseria will likely take you an hour by light aircraft.

As you can guess the (new and improved) Linden Homes (also known as SSP and Bellisseria) is taking most of the time of the moles.
The preparations for SL16B (the 16th birthday of Secound Life) is taking most of the rest.
If you want to participate as exhibitor, performer or volunteer read this article by Daniel Voyager.

They are also doing some secret marketing jobs!

Some are busy fixing things, also in our Fair City. Who knew that things can break.

When I did a critter-count I realised some are not busy on all of the above.... so..... what's up?
Patch Linden: "There are some other items on deck that I can't discuss at the moment surrounding future plans.  :) " ...

We'll have to do it with that.

If you see a mole in our Fair City, don't forget to take a picture, shake it's paw and give it a worm. (and tell me all about it)
Reporter Marianne McCann, Vick Forcella

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