Bay City Post, Edition 85

Welcome to the eightyfifth edition of the Bay City Post!
Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

The Bay City Post Reporters begged for some free time, so they can prepare for Eversnight on April the First but your lead editor has used all his abilities to push for high quality work and send in their best for this edition. All this for you dear readers.

They can barricade their houses and install new sprinkler systems after this publication.
In this edition we have for you

Our know-it-all Qie Niangao found a new way to copy/paste, with talking prims.

This time Dakota found a special spot. Find it!

Our historian Marianne McCann describes in this last edition the design and building of our Fine City. 
Thank you Marianne for writing these articles on how our City came to be!

Our police never has time to relax so our officer of police, Thomas Hooker, describes. They went around town to serve and protect. Let's just not talk about Lirpa.

Though each Thursday a Rumble is organized, this one was different. There were bugs involved, and rust.

Our explorer extraordinaire, Dakota Schwade, found herself in a world with strange signs and games, and was distracted.

Your editor looks back at one year minus a month.

Edition 84 is still available in our archive.
We have to point out April the First, Eversnight. Please prepare for this event! Some silly residents see this as a good moment to set fire to their buildings, run around with scissors and swim with hungry sharks.
Do not join these silly people!
Barricade your doors! Get a set of fire extinguishers! Lock yourselves in-doors and don't call the police or the fire department as they won't lift a finger to help you, unless you need some petrol.
Just so you know.
Our local resident Marianne McCann her rezday has surpassed her age, again, last February 22nd.
How it all began
As you can read in the Police and Fire Blotter this has caused some severe traffic problems. The party that was thrown at her had a deep impact.
Image: Kennylex Luckless
The large amount of root beer has affected Marianne her ability to chair the Bay City Alliance, she had to skip a meeting to recover.
Image Pygar Bu
Image Thomas Hooker
At this very moment there is something going on, some event, for the American Cancer Society.
I tried to search and search but I can not find a thread of info about it. One thing I do know, a new style of Linden Homes is being presented there as well. Hop on over. When I have time I'll do the same.
Edit to add. More info about the event is available on Inara her blog.
News just came in that Torley Linden is no longer working for Linden Lab. We have been missing him for quite some time, he was working for Sansar and created music for some breathtaking experiences.
Our friend and inspirational inspirator, that is inspiring, will remain active with music. He predicts Iceland will win the Eurovision Song Contest for this year.
Thank you Torley for making our world an amazing place, helping us each step of the way! Keep your account and stick around Torley!
Don't mind me, I have cleaning to do.

Editor Vick Forcella

Reading of Bay City Post being for longevity and health for all family!

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