EversNight! Be Prepared!

We are heading toward the craziest day, and night, in our Fine City. Evers Night!

Last year, on April the first, large portions of or fine city ended up in ashes. Large fires were raging everywhere. The Bay City Police department and the Bay City Fire department were busy doing their best, supplying sufficient petrol to the ones in need.

The reason why things suddenly catch fire is still a mystery. It is suggested that the secret cult of Ever fools set things on fire.

This year it is expected that not only our Fine City will be caught in a tornado of fires but that also on several sub continents prims could be turned into ashes.

The Sansara Border Protection Unit has been seen setting up bubbly foam barriers to stop fires entering the ageing continent.

In anticipation the Mayori (tinm) has been seen escaping our Fine City leaving us helpless.
I'm away

If you happen to see the Ever fools, avoid any contact, stay indoors and barricade the doors. Keep a water-hose, or a fire-extinguisher, and a first-aid-kit ready.

Bolt down anything outside, benches, cat, dogs, cows, chickens, garden chairs and anything that can be moved or can take fire.

Please do not run with scissors, swim with sharks or drink Bay City Brew. Don't be an Ever fool.

You can help the Bay City Post by posting pictures on the feed, anything related to Eversnight. Please inform the editor of the Bay City Post (Vick Forcella) of your picture.

Eversnight is to celebrate the life of Ever Dreamscape and ya bet ya she will be watching you setting things on fire! Let it be known that Ever Dreamscape lit a fire in Bay City.
Get your insurance now!
Be safe, don't be an Ever fool.
Editor Vick Forcella

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