Second Life is a hide-out for many people escaping from Real Life. That is today more true then ever as the world seeks new ways to be social yet keep a safe distance.
For many this world is as essential as breathing, locked inside for various reasons. (limbs, oxygen, liver, sugar etc)
Due to lack of funding people are loosing their land and houses, residents fall off this world because their home has vanished, they no longer feel at home.

I can not express how sad this is.

I hope that the ones that leave can find a new way of living without this world. I also hope that Linden Lab is being lenient towards the ones that have problems gathering the required funds.

This is not the time to ban hammer the pesky poor people.

One of the wealthiest cities in the world, New York, is digging mass graves for the poor, coffins stacked three high in trenches as long as a football field.

Strange world we live in.

You all be safe!!!
Editor Vick Forcella

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