Bay City Cruis'n

Left, right, left, right, right. What am I doing? Opening a safe? Anyway, I found myself at the end of a road. OK, so I was more off the road than on a road. The point is I found something interesting to investigate. Open the car door ... I've got to oil that ...
Who: Garden Mole
What: Farpoint Park
Follow Park Place road northeast, to where it makes the final easterly turn heading towards the Bay City Fairgrounds. At that bend in the road is a path leading off to the left. Take that path and you'll find a nicely landscaped park complete with benches, a fountain and telescopes that give you a view of the nearby water.
After being mesmerized, for who knows how long, by the glowing thingey that is part of the water feature I finally noticed a nearby structure.
Who: Tee Tulip
What: Molesworth Pointe

This is a fine example of the citizens of Bay City seeing a need and responding. Without this beacon in the dark, the mariners of our waters would otherwise be in peril of shipwreck.
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!
Reporter Dakota Schwade

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