Saint Patrick's Day In Bay City

For many years now our Fine City celebrates Saint Patric's Day. It does this by throwing dye into Daley Bay on March the 17th turning it green.

The colour green is associated with Ireland, and Saint Patrick, how this came to happen is best explained in this Time article. (hint, it used to be blue)

Following our Fine City other places are also turning their water green. Most notably the city of Chicago, Illinois that is dyeing the Chicago River on Saint Patrick's Day using the same super secret mix of dye that we in Bay City use. We call it leprechaun dust, and some might suspect it's orange before it's being diluted into the bay.

From this water the Bay City Brewery makes the annual mysterious Paddy Brew, with limited availability. It also makes you glow in the dark. 

Something that is extremely odd, the Bay City Police Department, after all those years, still doesn't know how the water turns green and always begins investigating the water treatment plant, ending into investigating the Bay City Brewery.

We don't have many Irish residents in our Fine City. We like parties and Saint Patrick is as good a reason to party as any other.

Reporter Vick Forcella

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