Bay City Post, Edition 86

Welcome to the eightysixth edition of the Bay City Post!
Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

Your reporters have risked life and limb to make this edition of the Bay City Post. Many others have contributed with making pictures and granting us the privilege to use them. Thank you!
This month here was one special publication,
In this edition we have for you,

Our Chief of Police, Thomas Hooker, had a busy month and you can find out why in the

It's something in the water, sometimes has a deeper meaning,

Explorer Dakota Schwade is mesmerized,

A for-noob-special to answer,

The one that knows more then anyone, Qie Niangao, rides with the

Historian Marianne McCann presents,
(open the link)

Did you smell the charred prims? Here is why,

The explorer Dakota Schwade answers one question and poses a new one,

A repost of an emotional article to give an incomplete answer to an easy question, Who is Ever Dreamscape? (This post is made for future reference) (Skip it if you fear it will draw tears, it will)


Previous edition is available here
Last month Dakota Schwade visited Ukiyo. You can find a subway there.
The owner of that place, Joji BlueBird, has requested to give landmarks of interesting places where the subway can go to so that it can become a hub for visitors.
Give the subway a trial and give Joji your landmarks and description.
One of the places I discovered from riding the subway in Ukiyo is the BayCity Space Program. I never knew we had that. Read all about it on the community forum. JonathonSpires is the science person behind the space program. One day soon Bay City will fly to the moon and claim ownership.
Last month we reported that Torley no longer works for Linden Lab. Our investigations have revealed that our inspirational inspirer is now (again) working for Sansar that has been taken over by Wookey Projects Inc. We wish him all the very best and hope, no, expect that he remains a supporter of our Fine City. We will remain confident that Sansar will fulfill it's promise.
Due to the reported mesh leakage, that is wreaking havoc around the world, the Eurovision song contest will not go through this year. Despite that, Iceland would have had our votes! Thank you Torley for your prediction.
The Bellisseria Community (now in hibernation) has reported a new website and initiative to cater for the Bellisserian community. It's name Bellisseria Life. Give it a visit.
It has come to the attention of Emperor Michael that a lot of community efforts of Bellisseria appear to fail after a short while. He expresses his support to all community initiatives to unite Bellisserians so they can party just as wild as the residents of our Fine City. He also requests sewers and public shelters for him to (hide) reside at.
Perhaps Bellisseria is just too big to unite everyone, perhaps people should unite by region or build type. The campers, the boaters, the Edwardians, the loggers etc.
Editor Vick Forcella
Got Junk?
Got Fires?

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