Police and Fire Blotter

February 2nd
Route 66 was closed today due to Bay City's annual Mole Day celebration at the Bay City Fairgrounds. Residents from all across the Grid flocked to Bay City for the event. At one point, large cotton swabs were brought out by the Moles in attendance much to the befuddlement of several others. After a time, strange music was heard playing, and one person in the crowd shouted "Bring out the Lirpa" at which point the Chief of Police was seen twitching and started to leave. One person overheard him mumbling "No, Not again..." as he headed for his car.

February 9th
Bay City Police, along with the Sansara National Guard, responded to reports of an automated device hovering above the Bay City Fairgrounds. The device was discovered to be a robot that had escaped from it's home location. Due to the unknown nature of the device, steps were taken to have it removed from the Fairgrounds and taken away for further study. Neither the SNG or the BCPD were willing to comment on where the device was taken.

February 13th
Nearby residents reported hearing sounds of a large battle near the Bay City Fairgrounds. When called, the Bay City Police Dispatcher replied that it was a training exercise and there was nothing to worry about. Several residents were seen flying Warbugs as part of the Bay City Rumble. At the end of the night, Clockwork Puppet, also known as "The Rusty Baron" was the clear champion.

February 22nd
A large crowd gathered in Mashpee at The Pen for a Rez Day party. While there were no complaints by any neighbours, as they were all at the party, the Bay City Police were seen responding. In a break from what would normally be expected, rather than issue a citation or ask that the noise be lowered, the Chief of Police was seen opening the trunk of his patrol car and bringing out gifts for the Rez Day Girl. Members of Bay City's Emergency Services offer Ms McCann a Happy, though belated, Rez Day as most could not attend the party due to scheduling conflicts.

February 23rd
Sections of roadway in Mashpee were shut down for a few hours as cleanup crews parked along the streets to clean from the last night's party at The Pen. One of the workers was overheard complaining about how there is never any parking available in the city.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

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