Mole Day Was A Success

The worm farms were working at high capacity. Cotton fields in the continent Satori were harvested. The cotton swab factory started spinning. The worms were canned in the most worm friendly way. Snax were made from locusts and crickets, dried and finely salted.
Somebody forgot to make a mole sign this year.

The Bay City Fairgrounds were prepared. Banners were hung, flowers planted, an impressive list of mole builds were set on display.

The pre-announcement for Mole Day was made (with the wrong time) and then came the pressrelease with an amazing poster.
Garden Mole

When the fairgrounds were opened all was ready to welcome the moles from all over the grid.
And they came!
Abnor Mole
Sergal, Chronos, Garden, Adora, Abnor, Dyna, Lulabelle, Notta, Alotta, Moonstruck Mole all dived into the yummy gifts we had on offer. Next to these moles 'certain' residents without a mole name dived in as well.

Most popular snax for the moles were the crickets. [this reporter would like to note that seeing a mole snack a worm from a can is quite a disgusting sight]

Adora Mole
Under the watchful eye of the Bay City Police Department the party started. Our own Miss Bay City, GoSpeed Rasere, kicked off the party with amazing music.
Soon the moles, 'certain' residents and visitors mingled and started dancing.
Chronos Mole

Bay City Brew flowed, the party became louder and louder. The conga line filled up quickly. The region was showing cracks with all these visitors, but it didn't break.

Segal Mole
Exhausted GoSpeed stopped her performance and was guided from stage to be replaced with the live music of Wolfie Starfire.

Sometimes a mole left the party mumbling the words 'Bellisseria' and 'work'. You can blame Bay City Brew if mistakes were made in Bellisseria that day.
GoSpeed Rasere

Through the singing and shouting I am sure I could heard a mole say 'I'll be back in Bay City soon to do some work!' but I am not sure.

Wolfie Starfire
By accident somebody said something about fireworks. Next explosions went off all over the place. Fires started. Lucky the visitors expected this to happen and kept on dancing and singing while the Bay City Fire Department cleaned up the mess.

The party lasted into the wee little hours of the day.

A great success!
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Kennylex Luckless, Vick Forcella

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