Police and Fire Blotter

January 6th
Local residents called the Bay City Coast Guard after seeing a large Yacht enter the canals and go under the bridge at Gatsby Drive. The Yacht was unable to enter the smaller portion of the canals and was crushed when the bridge lowered. Witness accounts report seeing passengers escape the Yacht and climb from the canal, only to enter a passing taxi and flee the scene. Divers from the Bay City Coast Guard scoured the canal for any other survivors, however, it seems all passengers were able to safely make it to shore. Detectives from the Bay City Police, along with building inspectors are investigating why the safety mechanisms on the bridge failed, allowing the vessel to be crushed. Attempts to locate the owner of the Yacht have been unsuccessful.

January 12th
In the middle of the night, local resident Vick Forcella embarked on a good will expedition to bring local Bay City Culture to the Bellisserians by bringing them a tanker full of Bay City Brew. In order to keep the operation a secret, the Bay City Police Department had undercover officers stationed along the roadway from the Brewery to New Port. Once Mr Forcella made it to New Port, he was able to offload the tanker onto a barge and begin his long journey to Bellisseria. A pilot tug staffed by the Bay City Coast Guard led him out of the Marina while a marked vessel staged training manoeuvrers in another part of the waterway to divert attention.

January 14th
Bay City Police responded to a resident reporting that someone broke into their house. Officers arrived on scene to an open window and heard loud noises coming from inside the home. When Officers entered the home to confront the would-be burglar, the suspect was found not to be a crook, but simply a raccoon that entered from the window in search of a midnight snack. After a few short barks from K9 Ullock, the raccoon was spotted fleeing the scene.  The resident was advised to make sure they keep their windows closed and their trash picked up.

January 27th
A resident called the Bay City Police Department and reported seeing a man steal the outgoing letters from her mailbox. Police responded and found the alleged crook a few blocks away from the scene of the crime. The suspect was released without any charges being made, as the suspect was, in fact, a mail carrier with the Bay City Post Office.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

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