SS Galaxy Passes Bay City

Just after new-year the SS Galaxy lifted it's anchors to set sail on a distant cruise.
It was anchored East of Scuttle and was part of the United Sailing Sims South of the Blake Sea

The mission of the SS Galaxy was a total secret though her passengers were well aware of the cruise ahead and the destination. The distance between the last anchoring place and the new one was large. The seas ahead were treacherous and dangerous. The weather over such a long distance is unpredictable.

The captain had to plan ahead and choose a safe route, passing Daley Bay from afar.

Since the planned route was a secret nobody was aware that this amazing cruise ship would pass our Fine city.

Early January Sheree Honeyflower was visiting the harbor at Daley Bay when she noticed smoke far away. Unknowing what to expect she went to Hau Koda and took a helicopter towards the mysterious source of the smoke.

There slowly but surely she discovered the mighty ship as she came nearer. With great danger she took out her camera to take a shot. Flying and taking pictures don't go well together but she managed to survive and take this amazing shot.
She had to return to Hau Koda as the fuel ran out quickly.
After she returned she told others but not a single soul believed her, at first nobody went out to confirm her discovery and when they did they could not see the cruise-ship, as it had sailed away. This is how the editor of this newspaper came to this picture.

Several days later the SS Galaxy had anchored near Bellisseria
Inara reported about this event.

It is great that this ship has found a new anchoring place and future will tell where the cruise-ship will go next.

The Bay City Post has reached out to the captain of this ship to comment on this article but she refused to provide any information.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Picture Sheree Honeyflower

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