The Interview: Gospeed Rasere

GoSpeed Rasere
The DJ for the Creepy Crawl at the Fairgrounds was our very own Miss Bay City GoSpeed Rasere (GSR). Imediately after the Creepy Crawl I (Vick Forcella VF) met up with her at The Pen
While having a strong coffee we started this interview.

VF: In numerous occasions you were the DJ and host of Bay City events. Also you are hosting a permanent music stream for Second Life. This is appreciated by many, even outside our Fine City.
Can you tell something about that?
GSR: My involvement in Internet broadcasting started circa 1999 when I first found I dabbled here and there with streaming and by 2006 I had enough MP3s, a broadband connection and an audience in Second Life. My listeners over the years range from parcel owners, estates, and of course my DJ gigs. Outside of SL, my stream can be heard via various apps like Tunein, Nobex, iTunes, and various stream aggregator sites.

The homepage is
The inworld URL is:
DJ booth
VF: What brought you to Second Life?

GSR: I saw a brief mention of it in a Google Earth blog and decided to give it a try.

VF: What brought you to Bay City?

GSR: I found it appealing when it first opened and when I began hearing about regular events I spent more time here. Probably the biggest pull for me was Marianne McCann. She's dynamic, kind, and community oriented.

VF: You have a place in Bay City. Can you tell about that building and where visitors can find it?

GSR: Our Bay City studios can be found in Imaginario courtesy of Marianne McCann.
There you can join the subscribomatic and pick up a KONA Stream music HUD from the lobby.
Kona at Imaginario
VF: Everyone in Bay City seems to have a job or favourite activity. What is yours in Our Fair City?

GSR: Music and DJing. I've been the DJ for most of the official events since 2011 or so. I have also in the past participated in the various boat, car and plane races.
Loyal Bay City Citizen
VF: Do you spend much time outside Bay City?

GSR: About half of my time.

VF: What advice would you give to someone looking to move to Bay City?

GSR: Stay in theme when you build and be sure to explore the entire city.

VF: Bay City is not like typical Mainland, of course, but what do you think of the "wild frontier" outside Bay City?

GSR: It's chaotic! You might find here and their an entire sim that is well coordinated, but it just ONE sim, not an entire estate.
Blazer by Rizielli
VF: Do you consider your Second Life persona a "character" or a representation of who you are in Real Life?

GSR: To paraphrase Camile Paglia, our avatars do not hide what we are, they reveal who we truly are inside.

VF: You are a writer and you have used Bay City as an inspiration. Can you tell something about that?

GSR: I've been writing since 2017 and to date have published 3 novels in a series called "Rasere'sAwakening". The characters are mostly based on SL avatars I've known over the years. Of course, SL avatars need a place to live and Bay City was a natural choice since it feels like a real place to me.

VF: Do you have a philosophy for Second Life?

GSR: Be kind to everyone.

VF: What ONE thing should anyone not looking in your Profile know about you?

GSR: I don't bite! It's OK to say hello to me. How many interesting people do you come across in SL and don't bother to talk to? They could be your next best friend for all you know.
KONA radio tower
VF: Any last thoughts you'd like to add?

GSR: Wherever you go, there you are.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images GoSpeed Rasere, Vick Forcella

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