Police and Fire Blotter

October 2nd
In an act that saw several concerned citizens contact the Bay City Post, the Chief of Police was seen driving around town in a brand new car. To solve the mystery of how the Chief could afford this vehicle and if the BCPD's Annual Budget increase had anything to do with it, we at the Bay City Post reached out to Chief Hooker for comment. "The car was purchased due to a second job in Bellisseria and a small loan from the Bank of Bay City. Revenue from parking tickets did not go towards the purchase. That is saved to support Bela's donut habit.."

October 4th
Rescue Teams were spotted racing towards Abbotts Airport after a Pilot with the Sansara National Guard crash landed on the roof of the terminal. The pilot was able to land the helicopter without injuring herself or any of the onlookers at the nearby SLCG station. The cause of the crash has not been determined, though initial reports indicate an engine fire caused by lag.
October 15th
Once again, a local resident was seen planning an invasion of Bellisseria. While the resident escaped back to Bay City, reports of increased patrols by the Bellisseria National Guard have been received. Neither the resident or the Bellisseria National Guard could be reached for comment.
October 18th
A local resident was arrested in Bellisseria after attempting to play Whackamole with the actual moles. Bay City Diplomats were able to secure his release after explaining that the Moles shouldn't have been popping up randomly in the region "Whackamole" if they didn't want people to take it as a suggestion.

October 26th
Sections of Route 66 were closed for a short time as a Driver's of SL Grid Drive landed at Hau Koda and began a trek to visit the Hallowe'en Hay Maze at the Fairgrounds. Officers with the BCPD and BCFD Paramedics were on hand to rescue anyone who became lost in the maze or needed medical assistance due to the scary sights within.
October 27th
The Bay City Civil Defense sirens sounded as the Grid slowly ground to a halt. Residents were advised to seek shelter, refrain from rezzing objects, and to remain logged in if possible. Several residents disappeared as servers went down. The Bay City Police Department, Bay City Fire Department, and the Sansara National Guard kept our city secured as the Lindens works for hours on a fix to the issue. Service was eventually restored and the BCCD sounded the All Clear.
Reporter Thomas Hooker
Images Laetizia Coronet, Thomas Hooker, Roc Plutonian

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