Creepy Crawl

For the last few years Xiola Linden has organized the Creepy Crawl, visits around the grid in a Halloween theme listening to music, dance and having creepy fun. Each location is raided with a creepy crowd for half an hour before the next location is creeped. This year was no exception.
The creepy crawl started visiting the May Haze, er, Hay Maze at the Bay City Fairgrounds.

At 10 o'clock the creepy crowd gathered at the fairgrounds. DJ Gospeed Rasere, from a distance, spinned up the wheels and the music started.
Many of SL celebrities attended. Of course Xiola but also Strawberry Linden in her first creepy crawl with a Linden last name. Steven, Wendi and Wulf Linden joined.
Avi Arrow and Kennylex Luckless were there, representing the old mainland around the Ivory Tower of Primitives.
Bixyl Shuftan of the SL Newser was present.
Evola Courtois, Solo Anatra, Vian Magic, Yeya Zuta, and Marianne McCann, amongst others, brought their Bay City pride to the event.
The crowd topped out at 40 people, only because that was as many as could fit. Same with the conga line, which was maxed out for a large part of the time.

People were well dressed for the occasion. Some were just covered with a sheet and pretended to be a ghost, others went the full mile and were dressed with clothes, but without flesh. Some wolves were seen running around fighting over a pelvis.

For over half an hour the crowd had a great time at the fairgrounds, drinking freshly made Bay City Brew that made them glow a little.

Some dared to enter the maze, some found the exit, some will be recovered by the BCFD recovery party next week.

When the clock stroke half past ten most of the creepers poofed away to the next location in Dreadville. Pity the ones left behind, they had to clean up the mess.

It was a great party. Can't wait for next years Creepy Crawl.

Anyone missing a pelvis? Elvis?
Reporters Marianne McCann, Vick Forcella
Images Ivola Courtois, Marianne McCann

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