Mole Day Pre Announcement

Mark in your calendars
February Second
01:00 PM SLT (that is 22:00 CET)
Tenth Mole Day!
The LDPW (Linden Department of Public Works) started working in 2007 to create something amazing, Bay City.
Bay City opened the bridge in May 2008.
The LDPW is made up of residents, like you and me, that are hired by Linden Lab, to create objects and infra-structure for us all to see and use.
Before a resident can start working for Linden Lab they are required to visit the laboratory in Moloch and as by magic they suddenly turn into moles in various shapes and forms. They also have a sudden urge to steal cotton swabs.

Lately the LDPW has increased in size. Many new moles have been at work to create Bellisseria, an epic task. So much so that some residents of our Fine City think they have been forgotten by the adorable little rodents. Of course not! Who would forget visiting the laboratory? (though they do have little mole brains)

Mole Day is organized each year since 2010 by the residents of Bay City for All Moles of All Continents to thank them for all the work they do and have done to make this world more enjoyable.

So a special invitation goes out to all the moles!

We have special Mole Snax for you!

Of course, residents from all continents are welcome too to thank the critters.

Bring Mole Snax! (they like worms, dead bugs and cotton swabs)

More information to follow soon.
Reporter Vick Forcella

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