All over the internet you will find examples of Instant Karma. In short: somebody does something bad and immediately after that something bad happens to that person.

It is also a song by John Lennon.

In the current incarnation of Karma it means: you do good, you will be rewarded with good. You do bad, you will be rewarded with bad.

Anybody that has any experience in life will tell you, it doesn't work that way!

If you are doing bad things you will be rewarded. If you are doing good things others will flock and demand more.

It's not a positive message, and not completely true, but more realistic as "Karma".

I'm not calling to be bad or not to do good.

I am calling to do good and expect nothing in return. Not now, not ever.

And for the people that do bad remember, your acquired fortune will be inherited by someone, that can spend it all on some casino and go poor.

Karma, and Instant Karma, is in fact a sort of religion. You either believe it, or not. By that, there are many things that should be perceived as being a religion. Too many things.

I believe that = I think that = religion. Religion isn't politics and religion isn't science.

If religion helps you through the day, it's ok. If religion tells you to bring harm, it's not ok.
If religion becomes politics or when science becomes religion, we are in problems since you can't fight religion with fact or the truth.

I believe this very strongly.
Thank you for reading the Bay City Post. I hope you enjoyed the information we have provided and that you are eager to read next editions.

And I didn't write anything about the Toxic Taco this time!

Editor Vick Forcella that promised not to write about heavy things in this newspaper.

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