Lighted Boat Parade

On December 19th, 2019 a group of residents gathered at the Bay City Marina for the 2019 Lighted Boat Parade. Many boats lined up for the parade as local resident Keira took to the skies in her helicopter to watch over the parade.
Keira's helicopter
Like Clockwork, the Grand Marshall Fenix Eldritch started the parade off. One by one each vessel began making it's way towards North Channel.

As the boats neared the Bay City Fairgrounds, several onlookers were lined up to watch as they passed by. This year's parade was a sight to behold.

Argon Ormega's vessel sported a festive Christmas Tree.
Argon's boat to the right

Followed by Marianne McCann's hovercraft bearing Christmas lights and a Christmas Tree, her spotlights dancing across the waters.

Frankie Lindmann was next with boat adorned with a multitude of Christmas Lights.
Frankie Lindmann

TJ "Griswald" Hooker lived up to the nickname as his tugboat was festooned with a Christmas Tree and numerous lights that even lit up anything around his boat.

Amber Selenium followed up with her festively decorated boat.
Amber Selenium
Pygar Bu also brought along a tugboat which was seen loaded with Christmas Lights.
Pygar Bu

Bringing up the rear was Dennis Slocombe with his Barge.

The boats passed the Fairgrounds with a cheer from the crowd. Making a slow turn in Barcola Sound, the pilots all lined up to dock at North Channel and disembark for the festivities.

Not to be outdone by the decor on display, the after party was started off with a bang as music from Kona Stream filled the air. The attendees quickly moved onto the ice and began the skate party to end all skate parties.

Residents were seen all over the frozen pond, many ending up sliding across the ice as they tumbled and rolled into one another, fun and laughter being had by all.
After a while, party-goers started lining up for synchronized skating. The result, while not as exciting as the infamous Conga line, was spectacular. Skill was shown by all involved, especially those near the end who miraculously avoided slamming into the wall around the Christmas Tree each time they went near.

Reporter Thomas Hooker
Images Thomas Hooker. Silvia Hooker

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