Bay City Cruisin' with "Deadline" Dakota Schwade

Bay City Cruisin' with Dakota Schwade

June 2017

For this trip around town I opened up the World Map, selected destinations at random, and wandered. It always amazes me what I find tucked into the nooks and crannies of Bay City.


1 - Collateral Damage
Bay City - Rollers

Big Balloon says: Look for the official opening of this new venue, bringing live music to Bay City. Rick Tizona says: Mark you calendar for Wednesday, June 7, at 6pm SL Time.


2 - Rina & R-Cafe
Bay City - Truro

A little to the west of the Oak Bluffs portion of Hairy Hippo Fun Land can be found this small women's clothing boutique and adjacent cafe, owned and operated by Rinar Writer, one of the many Japanese residents of Bay City. The blog explaining things can be found here.


3 - Mira Garage
Bay City - Brewster

Directly adjacent to a canal is a trio of parcels owned by various Japanese residents of Bay City (Gaufun Resident and Miramacloud Resident) that comprise the Mira Garage: a vehicle showroom, a static display of a train, and a popular (based on the parcel traffic count) small cafe with DJ equipment.


4 - Seventy-Seven
Bay City - Imaginario

Established in May of 2008 (9 years!) by Seraina Benelli, this store offers various styles of hair and other accessories. The shop keeper also owns the adjacent home.


Until next time, happy motoring!

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