Bay City Cruisin' with "Deadline" Dakota Schwade

Bay City Cruisin' with Dakota Schwade

Bay City Cruisin' - Sconset

March 2017

Exploring a single region of Bay City was fruitful last month, so I thought I'd do the same on this trip. I was expecting a typical mix of places to visit (new, old, strange, routine [which could be the same as strange]) but made a rather interesting discovery towards the end of my wanderings.

What did I find? Where is it located? Read on ...


1 - Acacia Store
Bay City - Sconset

The far southwest corner of this region is occupied by a Japan-based business that sells mesh avatar accessories and various vehicles.


2 - Police Lab
Bay City - Sconset

This "most reputable Police Shop" sells all sorts of things for role-playing in law enforcement: cars, gadgets, uniforms, etc.


3 - Urban Corner
Bay City - Sconset

Two parcels containing a building, a cafe and some open space comprise this location, which is promising to be a recipient of improvements in the near future.


4 - [ByteryNet] Bay City - Sconset
Bay City - Sconset

Adjacent to the Urban Corner, described earlier, I observed a flat, square prim lying on the ground. Further examination revealed that it was marking the location of a 16-square-meter parcel. Looking down upon the rooftops of the Urban Corner, the hand in the photograph is pointing to the parcel. The red and yellow lines are parcel boundaries.

A few years back a parcel of this size was typically used to harass residents through the use of annoying advertising content. The goal was to make nearby land owners pay a very high purchase price for the tiny parcel in order to restore harmony to an area. This harassment technique was referred to as "ad farming."

I conferred with Marianne McCann after making my discovery. She had no idea how a parcel of this size came to be in Bay City. But she did remind me that Sconset was originally part of the Teen Grid, where the Lindens had a different approach to parcel shapes and sizes. This parcel may have been the unintended result of some land layout work that was never properly completed.

Until next time, happy motoring!

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