About: Land

What does land mean in Second Life?

Often asked, rarely sufficient answered. As a Basic member you can enjoy your SL (Second Life) to the fullest without ever having the need for land. You can dress, visit places, explore, meet people, enjoy parties and never feel the need to buy or rent land.

An avatar doesn't need a toilet, a kitchen, seats, shelves, books.

Land is just like your avatar, a bunch of numbers floating on some far away server. When numbers meet, you see land or an avatar or both.

If you want to do things that require some privacy having land is handy. You can rent a skybox, put things in it, turn on a security orb and you can do just about anything that is allowed in Second Life and nobody would know about it.
You need land and I'll tell you why.

Land is another way of expressing yourself.
Another way to show others who you are.

You dress up yourself, finest hair, gorgeous skin, fine cut clothes, so you can enjoy being yourself. Feeling strong and meet others.
You decorate land so that it appeals to you, and others that you meet there.

Land is an extension of your character, your personality.

You can change your look every day, but land is something much more static. Land is more *you* as your appearance.

I know people that are generally shy. They do not talk much. Their appearance isn't all that spectacular. The avatar is more a vehicle as an expression of personality.
Their land however is amazing. Decorated to the centimetre, breathing atmosphere, welcoming. Changing every season and holiday. Turkeys during thanksgiving.

Someone that has a miserable life has bought crops, animals, a water-well and more things that require day-to-day maintenance. She grows crops to feed the animals. The water from the well is to grow the crops. She does many things every day and every day the harvest comes nearer. The harvest can be sold for a few L$. The animals, the meat, can be sold for a few L$.
In a way, that land tells much about her. The distractions she requires to wade through her live.
People that own a restaurant, a harbour, an airstrip and/or a rezzone. Expect them to be open and welcoming.

Not everybody is good at decorating land or don't have the time or capability. For them pre-prepared land is perfect. Land that already has a house, a garden. All that is needed is some decorations and a car on the driveway.

Land can tell more about a person as their appearance or their interactions.
You want to know someone well, visit their land and you'll know.

However. In this world nothing has to be what it appears to be. Someone with an orderly and well organised land doesn't have to be orderly and well organised. At the least it has the desire to be. Just take it as it is.

No, you don't need land to live a perfect Second Life. But you are missing out if you don't. Ask any land owner. It's fun.

What does your land tell about you? Ever wondered about that?
Reporter Vick Forcella

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