Police and Fire Blotter

July 4th
The Bay City Fire Department responded to several calls throughout the city for fireworks related injuries. Residents are once more advised to avoid the Ever's brand Toxic Taco special. Residents with said firework are advised to use caution and launch it safely, preferably with the entire BCFD on standby, and some plates for the resulting tacos.

July 10th
A resident reported seeing the trunk of a parked car close as he returned home. Bay City Police responded and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

July 11th
A resident reported seeing a man climb out of the trunk of a parked car and drive away.

July 17th
A day after selling a table on the Marketplace, a woman found 200 plastic forks and knives stuck in her front lawn. An officer from the Bay City Police Department responded, but the case is still under investigation with no suspects at this time.

Ooohh Red Button!
July 25th
The Bay City Fire Department responded to an explosion at the Hyperbole Tower after the editor pressed a red button. The fire was put out and no residents were harmed. The editor was cited and warned not to go pushing random buttons.

Ooohh Big Red Thing!
July 28th
During a routine safety inspection of the Toxic Taco, something went awry with the fire extinguisher. Foam covered the building and flooded the region. Neighbours were seen cleaning up the foam, and several reported seeing a young girl fleeing the scene shortly before the foam exploded out of the doors.
What is this used for?
Reporter T.J.Hooker
Images Marianne McCann, Vick Forcella

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