Bay City Post, Edition 78

Tilia didn't end the world, it is alive and thriving just like yesterday, just as we predicted.
The feed ( however is broken, again, as usual. 
Some can't post, many can't delete posts and it has become impossible to follow or unfollow. Our provider has to fix something else first, the bridge between Twitter and our world.
Your reporters have been extremely busy to observe, investigate and report.
Following are the articles we have compiled for this edition,

Qie Niangao mixes a teleporter script with the new Experience tools

After earth breaking ground works in Moloch we question the culprit

What was on our mind many moons ago in August

Unique images from the Bay City Pavilion saved for prosperity

TJ Hooker reports, Black, White and Red were busy the last period

Our Emperor is making lists, and throws them away

Dakota Schwade discovers the moon, and more!

Land is more then land

Marianne McCann seeks out the mullvaden

Happy reading!
The Bay City Alliance meeting has been moved from Tuesday to Sunday, alternating between 01:00 SLT and 04:00 SLT.
The location is the same: The Bay City Community Center at Daley Bay
If you are interested in Bay City, come by and be welcome!
Health and Safety Statement
This newspaper is made from 100% unbleached recycled toilet paper.

It has been dermatologically tested in an empirical manner. 

--/ This is not advertising \--
Harlots have been seen roaming the streets around the docklands. Citizens in the area are deeply concerned.
The BCPD is investigating.
Editor Vick Forcella

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