Emperor Michael, Update

Some of you are wondering what has happened June 22nd when Michael the Moleman proclaimed himself being Emperor.

My investigation has revealed that before the ceremony started beer was handed out. Some unnamed supporters had brought crates of beer and many crates were used before the ceremony even started.

Michael crowned himself with the feathered hat he always was wearing. Most of the attendants missed it all, they were singing or had passed out.

There were no representatives of the different regions so Michael his crowning lacks any legal basis, but don't tell him that.

The Bay City Police Department "escorted" people away after the event.

In short, the proclamation was a party and everybody had fun.

The Bay City Sanitary Division (BCSD) was quite unhappy about the event. They had to clean up all the mess. Thanks to the beverage container deposit legislation that is in place in our fine city they were able to collect many bottles and receive a wallet with many L$ thanks to the deposit returns.
Ever since Michael proclaimed himself Emperor he walks around our fine city in a different way.
He is always standing upright and expects being spoken to as Emperor Michael.

He often visits bars and restaurants and expects to walk away without paying as he is Emperor. He avoids the Toxic Taco, he mumbled something about the food, "yuck", and "she never stops yapping". No idea what he means with that.

He often has a pen and paper in his hands. He writes things down and later throws away the paper. I retrieved one of those "lists". Some incomprehensible scribblings, some childish drawings.

I have noticed that people that meet him spontaneously address him as Emperor and talk to him about all sort of problems. He glows when that happens.

It is still unclear to me where Emperor Michael has his home. It could be Nova Albion, as he is often found there early in the morning and at night, or Bay City as our fine city has plenty of places where he could stay/hide.

Despite looking odd Emperor Michael is a nice guy. When you meet him, say Hi.

What the future brings? Only the Emperor knows.

Reporter Vick Forcella

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