Police and Fire Blotter

September 2nd

A Police Officer was flagged down by a local resident in Dennis after phones started mysteriously vanishing across town. After investigation, the phenomenon was discovered to have begun in the office of the Bay City Post Editor. Due to the missing phones, a detective was sent to find Mr Forcella but was quickly called back as the phones began to appear again. As the BCPD was leaving the region, one of the officers was overheard mumbling about Halloween getting closer and "What's Rezzed should stay Rezzed! Didn't you see Prim Cemetery?"

September 15th
A multi-agency search and rescue operation was launched as the Bay City Coast Guard received a photo of the Mayori in a diving suit underwater somewhere in Bellisseria, along with a note that read "Please Send Snax!" The Mayori was later found by the Bellisseria Coast Guard who promptly delivered a care package from Bay City Residents containing many Snax and a note to bring back some of the glowing plants spotted in the photo for later study in a local laboratory.
September 16th
Bay City Flags were seen flying at Campwitch Forest, Bellisseria after the Mayori staked a claim on a small pond in the region. The local Park Service declined to comment on the takeover and was later seen loading several boxes into the back of a truck which were stamped with Bay City markings.
Mayori claims pond
September 18th
The Bay City Fire Department deployed water rescue equipment in Oldtown after heavy rains caused flooding in the area. Local residents were urged to evacuate while several Moles were brought in with giant hair dryers to dry out the region.

September 20th
After receiving a call regarding loud screaming and dogs barking, an officer with the Bay City Police Department rushed to the area to find the resident in distress. Upon arrival, the Officer discovered the source of the noise to be a wedding reception. According to the report, no fines were issued and the cake was delicious.
Reporter Thomas Hooker
Images Marianne McCann, Vick Forcella

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