Flooding In Old Town

There has been heavy rainfall in Bay City – Old Town on Thursday September 17th.
The rainfall was very local and massive. The drainage systems and canals could not handle the flow of water towards the South, towards the city edge.

Flooding occurred all around the area. After the flooding the land was covered with sand and grass.The smell was bad.
City worker Vix L. (Sir) tried to clean up the mess but was unsuccessful. Land suddenly dropped uncontrollable, it was still soaked with water.

The next day several residents of our Fine City, Asla Waco was amongst them, found themselves trapped in sinkholes. The rescue departments of our Fine City, that had just trained with train-wrecks, had their hands full and were successful in saving everybody. Nobody needed to be hospitalized, just a clean and a rinse.

The day after that, Thursday, Vix called in the help of Guy L., “The Fixer”, to clean up. Guy managed to clean up most of the mess using giant hairdriers. Unfortunately he missed a few spots.

It all happened so fast and the weather was so extreme that no picture proof could be taken.

You can visit the left-over spots but remember that the area has TP routing set. You will have to walk to the affected areas. Don't trip or fall!
We expect that the city authorities will clean up the leftover mess, one day.
Reporter Vick Forcella, Mitch Merricks

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