Proclamation Emperor Michael I Re:Privacy



date: June 20

contact: vickforcella (at) gmail (dot) com




"Explorers in this world face the greatest dangers! Merchants, trades people and shipping companies suffer great losses!

Ban lines and security orbs, used to conceal things that the world has no interest in, swallow complete vehicles, occupants and valuable cargo to spew it out far away in random counties that are unprepared for falling debris, causing lethal deaths.

With the trust and authority given to me by all the citizens of Bay City (except a few that are sharpening cheep steel, booh to them) I herewith proclaim

that each one that encounters ill configured- lands or -security orbs is 
to identify the owner and write the experience on the sticky note on it's profile.

When you meet that person face-to-face

you shall remind that person with the horrible experience you had to go through, in a reasonably loud voice, and

that those ban lines and security orbs do not serve a real purpose.

You can reference good written articles about this subject.

Thought it is suggested to use a pillory or similar public shaming methods I do not support those. The ban lines by themselves can be seen as a pillory of shame for perversions unseen.

This is what I proclaim, this is what loyal citizens in my name will do!"


“Michael I, Emperor of Bay City"


Disclaimer: The bay City Post is not responsible for statements made by Emperor Michael. We publish the proclamations as a service towards the citizens of our Fine City.
Reporter Vick Forcella

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