Bay City Cruis'n

Last month I gave Vick Forcella, the Editor of the Bay City Post, a ride to his interview with Mitch Merricks in Bay City - Moloch. As I attempted to return home I was distracted and turned into Rotwang Alley, just off of Ulysses Drive in Moloch.

It was a dead-end.

Deftly performing a U-turn I saw what appeared to be some sort of glowing equipment through a broken doorway. I just had to investigate. After all, finding things is what I do!
Who: La Mole

What: A Mysterious Laboratory
The laboratory appears to have been abandoned long ago. Cobwebs can be seen in most places. There are pipes bringing in water from the canal system. Test tubes of various liquids are strewn about. There are larger liquid-filled containers with something inside that I just can't quite make out. Pages torn out of some sort of journal can be seen on the floor.

And, the property is full of holes. I recognized them immediately. Mole holes!

The local residents tried to tell me stories about this place.

One resident said it was the former research lab of a Linden who went crazy trying to perform "sekrit" experiments that failed spectacularly. Experiments involving what? That was the unknown portion of the story. I don't believe it.

Another resident talked about hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet at all hours of the day in the neighbourhood, along with seeing shadows of creatures carrying what appeared to be, ridiculously, cotton swabs. I don't believe it.
Reporter Dakota Schwade

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