Bay City Post, Edition 79

WELCOME to the seventy-ninth issue of the Bay City Post
- Keeping you updated on the best city on the Grid!

Mole appreciation day
On August the 31st the Bellisseria community organised their first Mole Appreciation Day (aka First Annual Mole Day Party) to thank them for the work they have done so far for Bellisseria and it's growing community.
More then 70 people showed up including at least 7 moles, breaking the sim.
This means that the moles now have two events every year to go to, and get worms. Bay City celebrates Mole Day each year in the beginning of February.
The more mole days the better! Our critters deserve plenty of worms!

From the standpoint of Bay City it might appear that Bellisseria is stealing the best of Bay City. For parts that is true, but is it bad?

Bay City has grown a community from the day it was created. We share experiences that are hard to compare with other communities. The Bay City Alliance is the leading force behind our initiatives, including this newspaper.

Bellisseria is new and fresh. The community is fragmented into 20 groups with 20 different websites. It will take some time before things settle down and Bellisseria has a sustainable community. 

It is good that Bellisseria grows it's own community. I feel it can "borrow" as much from Bay City as they want to grow that community. Next to that, Bay City can not block initiatives from the community of Bellisseria.

One of the cornerstones of the Bay City community is it's relentless effort to support "good causes" most notably Child's Play. None of the actions of the Bay City Community has a commercial intent. I expect the same from Bellisseria.

There is much that differs between Bay City and Bellisseria. There much that unites us. When Bay City can help, Bay City will help.
Go Bellisseria!
Topaz Oasis
The furry community at Topaz Oasis has sealed a cultural exchange treaty with Bay City. Part of this treaty is the placement of the Bay City Post newspaper vendor as a gesture of good will. Bay City kindly supports this initiative and provides the newspaper completely for free!
Topaz Oasis is home to the United Furry Outpost (UFO) and AGRA racing.
Feel free to explore Topaz Oasis.

Hot Bay City Nights
The sad news is Hot Bay City Nights didn't make it this year. 
In previous years it ran a whole week and required a lot of volunteers. This year, despite best efforts (begging and offering slow cooked sweet marinated noobs), not enough volunteers were available.
Also there was that thing called RL, heavy overrated but a force to be reckoned with.
Please keep your agenda free for 2020!

The Experience Teleporter
We wrote about this a month ago. Please read it again as it is so fun to use! I am using it in trap-doors, ladders and the entrance into the castle made with a mega prim. Getting the key to work is a bit fiddly, specially on a different parcel. Try and try again and it will work.

Oktoberfest is supported and organised by the Bay City Brewery. Keep an eye out on the events in Bay City to find out when and where you can get your beer and do the polka. You can expect it at the end of September.
Your reporters have been hard at work to investigate all the news from our Fine City.

The BCPD and BCFD have been extremely busy as T.J. describes

Epic Flights
Is it possible, four continents? Our explorers found out the hard way.

Marianne McCann researches the deeper history behind our Fine City

Privacy in this world is tough.

Dakota Schwade discovers the origin of the moles in Moloch?

Qie Niangau zaps a bug and wears tights

Our esteemed Emperor Michael the First rants about banlines

Health and Safety Statement
The Bay City Post fully respects your microbiome. It is handmade by qualified authentic artisan journalists. The active ingredients have been studied by leading orthodontists without any direct harm to the environment.

  • The owner of the Toxic Taco has escaped capture using a jet ski. Food and safety inspectors were left behind in a row boat.
  • In and around the Docklands people with tires on their feet can be found zapping around at high speed, setting the tires on fire. Be cautious when you are around there.
Editor Vick Forcella

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