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If you travel around our word, more specific mainland, you will be in for a troublesome journey. Most mainland explorers can show you the dents in their vehicles. Wrecked airplanes and cars hanging high in the sky, scars, blood and broken bones.
The suffering is so great that most explorers stop after a few journeys.

As an explorer there isn't much you can do to prevent the hurting. Get a good HUD that shows where you can expect banlines and try to fly above 150 meters. It won't stop being send home by some ill-configured security orb.
Nooo orb!
If you can, inform the land owner, in a friendly way, that you think the land is configured wrongly. I have discovered that some land owners have no idea that their land is an explorers hell and were glad to be informed.
Some are less friendly, but that's ok.

People want privacy in a world where privacy is hard to find. They want to display the pictures of the grandchildren, they want to use poses and dance a tango, without others peeking in.

When people want some privacy they click the most obvious things. About land: Access => stuffs.
It becomes worse when, after they discover that landsetting have limitations, they buy a security orb to throw everybody out without notification.
There are some things to remember in this world.
On the mainland everybody can look in from the outside. Your valuable pictures can be seen by everybody. No security setting can prevent that. The only way to prevent it is to get your own region and disallow access to anybody.
To prevent others seeing you dancing there is a better option. About land=> Options=> Uncheck “Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel”.
When you want to dance you can set a banline for the duration of the dance. No need to keep the banline up all the time.

Most banlines only work below a certain height. 150 meters is seen as a safe height for aviators, others speak of 75 meters above ground level (AGL).

Below 150 meters is also the zone where you want to make an appealing parcel. A nice house, a few trees, access to all. You want a world that is pleasing to the eye, this is your contribution, this is how you will go into history.

Your private dance is best done in a skybox above 1000 meters. Banlines don't work here. Get a good security orb and set it to protect around the skybox, not the whole parcel. Set it to protect only when you are around, no need to eject people when you are not around, the balls can't get dirty.

Most important, set a reasonable warning time. 15 Seconds is ok for a very small parcel but don't forget the blimp that flies much slower. For larger parcels, set a time of 30 seconds or more. Also, do not eject Home but to the nearest parcel. That way the voyager doesn't have to examine the map to find where the ejection took place.

Always test your security settings, use an alt that isn't member of your groups or get someone in you don't like. Walk outside your parcel. There are expensive orbs from a good maker that try to eject people from the neighbouring region.
On the ground the best way to keep your privacy is to expect none. When people arrive you have plenty of tools ready. Rightclick on an avatar and use Freeze or Eject.
Another, more fun option, is to set damage and keep a gun near. If there is harassment, shoot. That scares the most persistent griefers.

In short. If you are a landowner, use the correct tools to keep your land tidy and clean.
But please do not use banlines. Be gentile with the use of a security orb. Test your security.
Be friendly, be neighbourly.
Reporter Vick Forcella

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