Police and Fire Blotter

August 6th
Bay City Air Traffic Control tracks a vintage helicopter flight from Hau Koda to Lapera. After a successful flight, the pilot was challenged by the Mayori to repeat the infamous four region flight from Brindle to Almo Bay.

August 7th
Residents across the city tuned in to listen to the broadcast of ATC tracking local resident Vick Forcella as he attempted to repeat Ms McCann's historic four region flight. Mr Forcella successfully completed the flight on August 8th. A trophy was awarded to Mr Forcella and is on display in his office at the Bay City Post.

August 14th
Residents of Bellisseria fled to Bay City's emergency shelters after a nuclear device was reported being found at the Linden Three Meter Island. Bay City Civil Defense, along with the Sansara National Guard were on high alert. Several brave avatars were seen entering the area to diffuse the bomb.
Nuclear device

August 18th
Emergency workers from Bay City responded to a train derailment in Iridium. Rescue workers from all across the grid responded. Several avatars were injured, however, there were no casualties. Sources reported the train was carrying a shipment of prims for the new Linden Homes.

August 19th
Bay City Police received reports from all across the city of a strange fish like creature walking on two legs in the middle of the night. Several residents reported seeing the creature spewing water. The case was handed over to Special Agent Mulder with the Sansara Bureau of Investigation.
I tell you it walked!

August 25th
Residents at the Bay City Alliance meeting were surprised as the Mayori placed several sea mines around the meeting area after receiving reports of a boat intending to crash the meeting. The mines later exploded safely and no avatars or boats were harmed.
BOOM! (Kenny: Can you sea mine? :)

August 28th
A small force from Bay City attempted to invade Bellisseria. The attacking force made landfall, and was quickly distracted by a waterfall. The invasion plans were forgotten about. Reports have shown that the Bellisseria National Guard and Coast Guard are on high alert.
Reporter Thomas Hooker
Images Kennylex, Thomas, Vick

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