Silent Auction Preview Has Opened!

We have announced the annual Tree Lighting Event that will take place December the 8th at the Bay City Fairgrounds.
Part of the event is a silent auction. Let me explain.

Donators, mostly creators, have donated items, services and land (!!) for this auction. The proceeds of the auction will go to Child's Play Charity.
The auction will start December the 8th on 1 PM SLT.(or earlier)
To win an auction you will pay a vendor. If somebody after you pays more you will get your money back and you have a chance to increase your bid. If nobody pays more then you, you will win the auction for that item.

The items on offer can be a good deal, if the price remains low enough. Some items can go for a higher price as the nominal value. Since this is an auction for charity.
Some items are unique. A one-off. The price can range from 0L$ to 10000000L$. Nobody knows.

The auction will end December the 8th at 4 PM SLT.
In between there is dance, music, snacks and good company.

Following a preview of some of the vendors. Between now and then there can be more auction vendors. Sorry if I get names wrong.
Apple Fall
Studio Dire Remnant Ashbourne
Evola Courtois
Evola Courtois, some amazing and unique artwork.

Infinity Freight & Laminar Systems & Piaggio Systems
Stitch Alchemy & Quartz Paris
Aikioto & C.H.C
Two quite amazing vehicles!

Trinity Yakamoto
Trin (I am allowed to call Trin Trin) has two works of art on the auction.
Bryn Oh with unique art
EG Aircraft
More amazing Evola Courtois
Cica Ghost, knitted art
Mini A Chuu
Owen Lusch
One of the best car builders in this world.
Mitch Merricks 2x!!
This is AMAZING! Mitch is auctioning off TWO BAY CITY PARCELS!!!
Shergood Aviation
Some hate it. I loooove it. Helicopters by Kelly.
Drop by today or tomorrow before the event so you can see what you can bid on.
I might have missed a few items. I apologise for that.

Thank you T.J.Hooker for your skills and talent getting so many donators for this auction.
Thank you Marianne McCann for fine tuning and pushing this event to where it is.
Thank you Vian Magic for getting the music in here.
Thank you all the creators and residents for all these valuable donations.
Reporter Vick Forcella

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