To Bellisseria or to Bay City? That's the question.

To compare Bellisseria with Bay City is a bit like comparing mainland with a private region. Or marbles with nuts. A bike with a car. A helicopter with an air-plane.

Both are themed regions, both are rigged by the best builders there are, the moles. Terraforming or splitting up land is a no-go.
Both have thriving communities.

The differences.
You can not buy or sell land in Bellisseria.
You are allowed to place any building, within theme, in Bay City.
You can increase your prim count if you buy more properties in the same region in Bay City.
Bay City Land is double prim land, it can hold twice the amount of prims compared with Bellisseria.
Getting land in Bay City depends on what is on sale or on auction.
Getting land in Bellisseria depends on luck. You are offered a place, take or or abandon it.
Bay City land is costly. Prices well above L$50/m2 are the norm.
If you own land in Bay City you are allowed to rent it out. Don't try that in Bellisseria.
Bellisseria is Moderate (in-door almost anything is allowed if not commercial). The West part of Bay City is General, the rest is Moderate.
You are allowed to start a store in Bay City. In Bellisseria this is not allowed, in the future a commercial area might appear.
You are allowed to start a club in Bay City. Unsure about Bellisseria on that but it seems like a bad idea since you are required to use one of the prefab-builds.
Bay City has sewers.
It's possible to rent an apartment in Bay City.
Residents of Bay City can apply for a place at the Marina at New Port.
Residents that own land in Bay City rarely sell their land.
In Bellisseria you can have 10 new neighbours in one month.
Bellisseria is a continent on it's own.
Bay City has an Emperor and the Toxic Taco.

This list is probably not complete but as you can see there are plenty of differences between the two places.

One is not better as the other. It's just different.
The biggest real difference is price. Upfront Bay City is expensive, for that you buy a great level of freedom and stability.

Many residents of Bay City have taken a parcel in Bellisseria as a vacation or second home. Bellisseria is a good deal if you are a new to Second Life and would like to explore all options before committing to anything like renting or buying land.

Dear Bellisserians. 
Come and explore Bay City! There is much to see and do. 
We, the residents of Bay City, are already exploring Bellisseria and we lovin' it.
Thank you for reading the Bay City Post.
We hope you enjoyed the articles we have written, the insights and the gossip.
Thanks to the reporters. Qie for going so far away to write an article. Dakota for deep diving into Bay City and getting lost on my request. Marianne for writing down near forgotten memories. Thomas for recording all events that take place and organising an amazing auction.
Editor Vick Forcella
A message from our sponsor,
We don't make the Bay City Post, we create the Bay City Post.

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