Police and Fire Blotter

November 6th
Streets in Moloch were temporarily closed for an award ceremony as the winner of the Bay City Post Halloween Contest was given their award.
In a completely unrelated incident, one of the contestants was seen entering the BCPD station with a briefcase rumored to contain incriminating photos of certain residents. The contestant was seen leaving the station without the briefcase. The BCPD has declined to comment on the contents of the case.

November 8th
The Bay City Fire Department came across a woman who was lost in the Bay City Hay Maze during the weekly trip through the maze. The woman was escorted out of the maze and treated by local paramedics before being given a ride home. The patient refused to seek treatment at nearby Channel Island after spending the night in the maze.

November 12th
During a sudden storm, the Bay City Hay Maze was struck by lighting and caught fire. The fire quickly raged out of control and engulfed nearly all of the Bay City Fairgrounds. Upon surveying the fire, BCFD Chief Greybeard had this to say about the incident: "It was by pure luck that we recently scoured the maze for trapped residents. Since we can safely say that no avatars are in danger, and the fire itself is burning out of control, We will focus our efforts on keeping the residents of Bay City safe. Ever can have this one, we'll just keep it contained to the Fairgrounds."

The BCFD worked throughout the night keeping watch over the fire. When the rains came the next morning, the remains of the fire were quickly put out. The Hay Maze was completely burnt to the ground. One city official was overheard saying "At least I don't have to go picking up all that hay. Setting up for the Tree Lighting will be much easier now"

November 27th
Police responded to the grocers in Docklands after a fight broke out over the last turkey in the store. Both residents were arrested and the turkey was impounded as evidence. Detective Blasko was later seen entering the kitchen of the nearby firehouse with a large bag, an evidence label along with several traditional side dish ingredients were visible.
Reporter Thomas Hooker

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