Bay City Cruis'n

I was traveling through the western portion of Bay City which may, or may not, have involved the Bay City Police Department. And speeding. Maybe.

Anyway ... I turned sharply and wound up on one of the many dead end streets in town. Just my luck. This had the potential of being an expensive side trip for me.

Down a bit, on the left, looked like a potential place to, um, hide :-)

Who: King Lonni (iPrince Resident)
What: Prince's "Place" :-)

A fairly common suburban home, located towards the end of a dead end street.

I saw an attached two car garage. And ... the garage was unlocked!

It was time to "visit" for a while, at least until the flashing blue and red lights went away.

Before taking to the roadways again, I dropped in to the business next door because I saw vehicles in a window.

Who: Jack "Sharky" Ballade (Driverkid Baxter) and Gothica M. Melnikova (Gothica Haalan)
What: Roux Motors Store

This is the Bay City home of the Hawker, a two door sports car sold by this automobile dealer.

Also, this business is a Hub destination in the GTFO (Get The Freight Out!) shipping/freight hauling game ( 
That's it for this cruise through Bay City.

I hope to see you on the road. Happy motoring!

Reporter Dakota Schwade

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