Hay Maze On Fire

Shortly after the rescue of the lost lady things developed very fast with the hay maze.

The sun is pounding down on Bay City
It is warm and dry
Suddenly the weather changes, it is dark
Clouds move in front of the sun
It is silent
Oh No! A thunder sto.... BOOOM !!
No more!! Please! BOOOM!
LOOK! A fire is starting!!
The fire is growing bigger!
The fires are going out of control!
Quick! Somebody call somebody!
OOhh, this isn't good. Panic!
After the drought nothing can stop this
The fire is wading through the maze that can not resist
Fear in the eyes of the poor pumpkin
The Bay City Hay Maze 2019 is gone, up in flames
The next day, rain cleans up the last straws of the Hay Maze
Later we found out that the BCFD was in Bay City and Nova Albion busy to protect the buildings against the glowing tinder. They were well aware that the maze was up in flames but quickly estimated that it would be impossible to save the maze. Priority is safety of the citizens and protecting housing and properties.
Thank you BCFD!
Note: All pictures were taken directly from The Feed and resized. No post-edits were made.
Reporter Vick Forcella

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