Lady Lost Found

The Bay City Hay Maze received special attention from the Bay City Fire Department (BCFD) for two reasons, to prevent a fire and, once a week, to search for lost people.

A few days after the Creepy Crawl message came from the organizers that one visitor didn't come home.

The BCFD, under leadership of Lucien Greybeard, went out in full force to search for the lost visitor.

They went around the outside of the maze and shouted hoping for a reply. From a distance one could hear a faint reply. (click on an image to see it enlarged)
The rescue workers immediately extended the boom of the fire truck and one volunteer went up to see the path of the maze and the origin of the sound.
Rescue workers entered the maze, oxygen, food and water with them. Under guidance from above they carefully manoeuvred through the maze leaving a rope behind them.
They found the young lady lost in the maze, dizzy, confused, tired and completely dehydrated. She mumbled something about breadcrumbs. After applying first aid she was taken out of the maze following the rope.
In an ambulance, sirens on, she was taken to an undisclosed location.

The BCFD did not reveal the name of the victim so we could not ask her about her ordeal and rescue.

The BCFD closed of the maze for being too dangerous.

While discussions were going on to make the maze safer for visitors the weather changed.

Pictures by Lucien Greybeard, used with permission. Please see more pictures from Lucien from it's Flickr page.
Reporter T.J.Hooker, Vick Forcella

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