Bay City Post, Edition 82

Welcome to the eighty second edition of the Bay City Post!
Keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

Your reporters and editor went criss cross town and came back with the following.

The Bay City Police and the Bay City Fire Department were extremely busy this month. Read the Police and Fire Blotter.

Once in Tisbury, where to go to? Dakota went there and got car-distracted.

After the announcement Kit Calico received the award for his contribution to the Bay City Post Halloween Contest with a small ceremony.

The Bay City Fire Department is always on alert. This time their action was captured on camera. Drama unfolded!

One of your reporters went all the way to Ottawa, Canada, to bring you the latest.

Despite 24/7 protection of the Hay Maze things went bad during a severe thunderstorm.

The weather has changed again. Snow is moving in from the North.
Did you read the press release announcing the tree lighting event and the silent auction?

The path leading up to Bay City continues with The Suburbs. (this article is the reason why the Bay City Post is three times fatter as normal)

I got inspired by Uccie, again, and the result is, Dakota is lost! Can you help out?

On request, the Bay City Civil Defense released shields to mark public shelters. You can pick them up for free inside the Community Center. Emperor Michael the First of Bay City hopes that soon everybody around our Fine City citizens will be guarded against grid breakage and flooding with sturdy shelters as he has proclaimed.
One of your reporters has discovered a duck. Nothing newsworthy, I'll just leave it here.
Remember Bob?
Bob went to the Toxic Taco.
Bye Bob
On November the 18th the owner of the Toxic Taco sued the lead editor of this newspaper for slander. In it's defence the editor stated "It's written in the Bay City Post so it must be true".

The city workers, Linden Lab, have released new Premium gifts. Get them from the, well known, secret locations before time runs out.

The Bay City Post was one of the first to support the Secondlife Blogger Network (SBN) so to help them promote the other bloggers. Our support has been such a success that your favourite newspaper is slowly and silently withdrawing. The SBN has grown strong enough to do it without us. The best of luck to you!

Don't forget to check out the epilogue.

The previous edition is available from a cloud based structure on a server near you.

Happy reading. Keep us updated! Send us all your gossip, and bribes.
Editor Vick Forcella

Micro reading manual, again, for Syl.
See that logo on top "Edition" with arrow down? There starts the edition.
You read and read and read, click a few times "older Posts" until you reach another logo named "Edition" but this time with an arrow up.
That is the last article in the edition.

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  1. Oh, you thought I wasn't reading because I did not know how? Silly Vick.



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