Bay City Post Halloween Contest, Judging Result

One month ago the Bay City Post started the Bay City Post Halloween Contest with a publication in this newspaper. Residents were challenged to make their parcel in theme with the period and make it the best. After a donation to Childs Play the parcel would be judged and the maker of best themed parcel would receive an award and eternal bragging rights.

Here are the results of the judging.
The first entries came just days after the publication. Slowly but surely the whole of Bay City turned Halloween.

Judging started October 28th and all the entries were visited.

From the entries two were remarkable.

The parcel of Roc Plutonian can be described as a skeleton party. A bandstand with skeleton musicians, fresh from the graves. Dancing in a circle of fire more skeletons.

Also, Roc is the landlord of The Bay City Post and he has certain pictures.

One shed, a high fence around the parcel. The shed is on fire, around the fire ghosts moving around. A clown laughing. Fog is creeping up from the damp ground. Children are invited to get their treats. Don't go there! Hahaha....

During judging it became obvious. It's either Roc or Kit.
(opens envelope)
I herewith announce Kit Calico the winner of the Bay City Post Halloween Contest!

Congratulations Kit! The best goldsmiths are working on your award right now.

Thank you everybody that participated!

The donations were big and small with a total of L$4500. Thank you!

---The Judge

Roc Plutonian it's place
Kid Calico it's place
Reporter Vick Forcella
Images Roc Plutonian, Kid Calico, Vick Forcella
Judge Undisclosed

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