Proclamation Emperor Michael I, Re: Shelters



date: November 4th

contact: vickforcella (at) gmail (dot) com



Citizens of our Fine City!
Again we were hit by events out of our control! 
Last month it was flooding. This month it was a total breakdown of the world as we know it.
We were fortunate that after a while things went back to normal.
The flooding, where most of my belongings were washed away, showed me, we are not prepared. The outages revealed we have become lazy, used that everything goes as expected.

During my non-Emperor days the least we had was a Grid Crash Protection Box where we would go in when things went bad.

There are better solutions!

I herewith call upon my citizens to install public shelters!
Sufficient food and drink rations should be there for at least a week and there must be some room for my stuff.

Ask the Civil Defence of our Fine City how to best set them up. Have shields outside so that the public knows, here lives someone that cares for our lives. The access must be easy, unobstructed and open for all. 

If there are enough public shelters, our world will become more safe for everybody!

This is what I proclaim, this is what loyal citizens in my name will do!

"Michael I, Emperor of Bay City"
Disclaimer: The bay City Post is not responsible for statements made by Emperor Michael. We publish the proclamations as a service towards the citizens of our Fine City.
Reporter Vick Forcella

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