Bay City Post, Edition 81

Welcome to the eighty first edition of the Bay City Post,
keeping you updated on the best city on the grid!

This was an eventful month. So much has happened we even had to make a special edition.

The special edition was about the opening of the Bay City Hallowe'en Hay Maze.
Read the special edition.
It is quite amazing that the hay hasn't caught fire during the last thunderstorms.

In this edition there is more Hallowe'en related news.

For half an hour the Hay Maze at the Bay City Fairgrounds was the centre of the known world when the Creepy Crawl visited.
Read all about the CreepyCrawl at our Fine City.

Our DJ during this event was GoSpeed Rasere so your editor took the opportunity to ask her for an interview.
Read the interview with GoSpeed Rasere.

A more accurate list of events is kept by our chief of Police T.J.Hooker.
Read about the Police and Fire Blotter.

Qie Niangau went out to retrieve a script many have asked for. The magic static particle.
Read about that script, and try it out!

Last month we announced the Bay City Post Halloween Contest.
Find out about the final judging.

Not Halloween related is that Patch L., one of the city workers, has received a promotion. He can now use a new abbreviation VPoPO. Congratulations Patch! No idea what VPoPO means but Daniel Voyager, our colleague, has written about it.

Talking about city workers. Remember the flooding last month, the mudpiles and the sinkholes?
After reading the Bay City Post city worker Guy L, also known as "The Fixer", came to Old Town October 28th, filled up the sink holes and moved the mudpiles. His services are very appreciated.

Our reporter Dakota Schwade went out to inspect Orleans, no sinkholes were found.
Read Dakota her report.

Long ago there was no Bay City, No Bay City Community. There was Americana.
Read Marianne her investigations about that.

On October the 27th the whole grid grind to a grinding halt. Some suspect that the cause can be found in the lack of a favorite grind of coffee in the early morning (...). I do not support this idea as one of the best bunnies on the grid, April L, wrote about the events.

The outage has inspired Michael the First, Emperor of Bay City to send in a new proclamation.
Read the proclamation, and follow it if you can.

In the epilogue I'll ponder about what I ponder about.

The previous edition remains available for you to read.
I wish you much reading pleasure. Please keep the Bay City Post informed!
Pay your subscription fee on time. Not talking about you Sylvia.
Editor Vick Forcella
Mini micro manual on how to read an edition.
This edition has the label 191104. All the articles have that label and are posted in reverse. If you click that label the articles with that label will be visible. Just read top to bottom. At the end you sometimes need to click "Older Posts" and read on until you get to the epilogue.

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