News is a commodity, it has value. If you want to earn money with news you have to give your customers something that is interesting, something they are willing to pay for. Willing to see past the advertising to get to the news.

News costs money to make. A good reporter can be working on one article for half a year, travel to far away destinations, gather evidence, listen to opinions and observe events.

Cheep news is easy to make. Copy/paste from others. Write opinion pieces without investigation. Write things that are controversial, or just wrong. Repeat old news.

Discussions about news is also news and has value. Is also very cheep to make.

In the Internet world of today people are unwilling to pay for news. They have sources outside regular media, Twitter, fb. Behind the scenes are news websites, stacked with ads, that push out interesting news and controversial opinions.

Investigative news has become rare, extremely rare. Most news today has to be churned out in a few minutes.

There are people that seek to be in the news. The motivation for that most often isn't altruistic. They want something. Funds or use the news as an ad to show how nice or good they are.

There are no bad ads, as long as it's being viewed. The product with the most annoying ad will be sold the most.

If things are repeated enough, even when they are extremely bad, can become normal and accepted.

If you share news in any way, you are part of the news chain. Even if you share critical views you can inadvertently normalise something you do not want to normalise.

If everybody starts to talk about a carpenter that wants to work as a brain surgeon people might think that carpenters seriously can do brain surgery.

<insert some wise words of conclusion here>
The Bay City Post is made by a group extremely motivated volunteers. We are biased. We like Second Life, we like Bay City, we like the Bay City Community. We want everybody to use Second Life, visit Bay City and get a taste of community.
Not because we want money, we want to share the fun we have, with everyone. And it's free!

Thank you ! Thomas, Dakota, Marianne and Qie for making this edition possible.
Editor Vick Forcella

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