Police and Fire Blotter

May 3rd
Panic ensued as the Bay City History Pavilion vanished from sight. Local residents were seen running around Dennis and shouting, the phrase most often heard was "Not Again, Roc!!" A team of experts led by the Mayori was quickly able to coax the Grid into giving back the building. No prims were harmed during this incident, though rumours have spread about G'al being owed a sacrifice.
Roc sends back the Bay City History Pavilion. By accient! Kinn help!
May 10th
A fire broke out during a routine launch from the Bay City Space Program in Sconset. The Bay City Fire Department was watching from the Canal and was able to respond quickly to prevent the fire from spreading. The launch was a success, and the fire was put out by the BCFD without any further harm to residents.

BCFD at work
May 10th
The Bay City Coast Guard issued a warning for boaters and fishermen in Sconset. The Bay City Space Program was issued a citation after dumping a large volume of chemicals into the canals after a disaster struck during the last rocket launch. City Officials are investigating. The Bay City Space Program has promised to fix any issues before the next launch.

May 17th
Route 66 was shut down for a short time during Bay City's 12th Anniversary parade. Partiers gathered from all across the Grid to watch the Parade from the Fairgrounds and viewing stations set up along the route. Most of the marchers in the Parade suffered from crossing crashes, but quickly recovered without any injuries. A single incident of someone attempting to interfere with the Parade was quickly dealt with by the Sansara National Guard.

May 25th
The Canals near Dennis were swarmed as local residents gathered to catch a glimpse of a rare spotted dolphin. Local authorities urge residents to give the animal space, and avoid congesting the canals. Researchers with the Bay City Port Authority were admittedly baffled over the appearance of the animal, as such species are not native to our part of the Grid. Theories range from a climate shift caused by Bellisseria, to this being a plot by the Mole People.
Reporter Thomas Hooker
Images Roc Plutonian, Lucien Greybeard, Thomas Hooker

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