Bay City's 12th Anniversary, a great success!

Reporter Vick Forcella
On May the 17th parade participants gathered around the bandshell at Harwich. Chaos, shouting and grouping. It took quite some time before everybody was assigned a group and a group leader.

It was the day to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Bay City. The city we live in, our community, our home. The start of Bay City has been well described by our historian Marianne McCann. Long before the opening of Bay City, in May 2008, rumours and maps buzzed all over the news and then, in May, the bridge came slowly down.

We have build our homes here. Because of community and pleasant surroundings. And so we celebrate and invited everybody on the grid to celebrate with us.

Parade participants wear their floats since vehicles can cause glitches and that isn't a good idea in busy places.
Participants gather around the bandshell -sc
Cheerleaders arrive -sa
Thomas Hooker blowing the pipes -sa
One of the groups getting ready to go -sc
Once the groups were ready to go, one after the other started on the route to walk the parade. The group leaders trying to guide their group into empty regions so to prevent sudden crashes, lag spikes and deep molasses. Despite great care some flew all over the grid, others crashed and some froze and turned blue.
Parade begins -sa
The parade float of Sim Chrispson -sc
Freelance photographer Solo Anatra trying to capture, with camera, a small parade participant -sc
Balancing act on a monocycle -sh
Yeya's float, sea worthy -sa
The float of the Bay City Post -sa
The forever battle with the Trolley -am
At critical points on the route there were reserved places for observers, viewers and "what is going on?"-people. At one of those points a well known individual, though incognito, was spotted, let's call him worm-eating-M. He was able to observe the parade and left me the message "Say hello to folk I know". He had other things to do and left shortly after. 
Observers observing -sa
After the parade the people that survived, or were able to relog on-time, arrived at the Bay City Fairgrounds. There they received from a small support group drinks and a few snacks before diving deep into the party.
Little girl with BIG tuba arrives at the Fairgrounds -sa
Mermaid float arrives -sa
Frankie and Ayame arrive -sa
Already people had gathered and were welcomed by the music of our very own Miss Bay City, GoSpeed Rasere.
GoSpeed spinning the tunes -vf
Party! -kl
After an hour the stage was handed over to Parker Static that did an amazing live performance.
Parker Static and her amazing voice -vf
There isn't enough room to show all people one at a time. I'll show a few.
Marianne McCann -vf
Solo Anatra -vf
April Linden -vf
Kennylex Luckless -vf
Engineer Argon -vf
Wendi Linden -vf
When Wolfie Starfire took the stage with an amazing live concert the region was bursting. It looked as if there were more people on the bridge waiting to enter as there were party goers.
Wolfie Starfire -vf
Dance! -am
When Wolfie left the stage it was time for Quartz to take the stream and keep the conga line kicking. (unfortunately we didn't make a picture of Quartz)
Conga! -vf
And then as tradition goes Marianne McCann blew up things. She presented stunning fireworks and threw everybody off the fairgrounds (she didn't but she could have).
That ended the celebrations and a new year of amazing will present itself to the Bay City Residents.

Happy birthday Bay City!
Thank you Linden Lab! Thank you Moles! Thank you Marianne!
Thank you all that made this publication possible!
Please view this stunning video of the event made by MysteriousTV!

If you have time look at this great live recording of the event made by Luca.

Reporter Vick Forcella
Images -am Anne McMinnar -sc Sim Chrispson -kl Kennylex Luckless -sh Sheree Honeyflower -mm Marianne McCann -sa Solo Anatra -vf Vick Forcella

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