The Battle For SSPE1171

Many moons ago our explorer Kenny (Kennlylex Luckless) named a region Wolfington. Kenny has tried to name other regions, not with much success.

This month Kenny discovered the region SSPE1171.

And, as so often, he named the region (tried to).
If I could build a fort here it would be called Wulfenburg -kl
Tish (Laetizia Coronet) replied with "You can't name everything after yourself. This shall be Coronet Island."
Later she put words into action by going to the island,
This shall not be Wulfenstein, or Wulfenburg. This is Monte Laetizia. -lc
She added strength to her words a day later,
"Here we are again on Monte Laetizia. It's true, I did not bring a flag..."
...because I don't need a flag! -lc
This display of military power to claim land in Bellisseria had to be answered by the greatest pyromaniac living in our Fine City, Marianne McCann.
Greetings from... no, not Monte Laetizia, and not Wulfenburg... it's clearly McCann Mountain! -mm
Followed with this ominous image,
Tanks? No tanks on McCann Mountain. It makes my little friend here angry. -mm
Yes, you have seen right. She is holding a BIG bomb!

Tish went to the island to reclaim the claim that already was claimed.
Outstanding, Red Team, outstanding! Getcha a case of beer for that one. -lc
But,, then the bomb did it's destructive work,
DRAT! -lc
"Message from Second Life:
Your object 'Ka-29TB HELIX sng zulu 16 v1.18' has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by Linden Department of Public Works from parcel 'Protected Land' at SSPE1170 249, 93 due to parcel auto return."

Kenny, seeing that the bomb has been defused immediately rushed to his island.
Operation Bad Wolf -kl

Operation Bad Wolf, ongoing with no resistance. -kl
Now that I have re-captured Wulfburg, maybe I shall claim it for the L.D.P.W and call it Mount Mole-Mole. -kl
Marianne can keep this part, the West Hill is a bit crummy. -kl

Shortly after, due to a navigation error, Kenny invaded the living room of a private house with his tank and got booted.

It is yet undecided what the name of the region will be.
Reporter Vick Forcella
Minor textual edits of the original feed posts
Images -kl Kennylex Luckless -mm Marianne McCann -lc Laetizia Coronet

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