Proclamation Emperor Michael I, Re: Bellisseria Content



date: June 5th

contact: vickforcella (at) gmail (dot) com





Citizens of our Fine City!

Time and time again the city workers (Lindens and Moles) surface parts of the continent of Bellisseria. 
As the land comes upwards and the water flows away new and old residents can find new places to live or have their vacation houses there.

The new continent looks amazing! Not as good as Bay City, off course, but it is very pleasing to the eye.

I brings back the memory of the moles running around surfaced new continents planting, laying roads, build buildings. Making the planes, the hills and mountains, the lakes, the seas and oceans more pleasing to the eye, laying foundations for future development by residents.

The moles made available, for each new developed land, packs of goodies so that residents can continue work in the style of the moles. In rare occasions we found new items in the Library, hidden deep in our inventory. Next to roads we find free-to-copy items, making some of us right-click addicts.

We found plants and trees, wallpapers and textures, a complete vortex, lamps, houses, stones, squids and fish, flies and butterflies. Even a beach ball!

The content is used to improve our private homes. Decorate our land. Help us with building. Some of the best scripts can be found inside Library objects. Jump on the trampoline, or push a domino.

Bellisseria is different.

Nothing has been made available!

People want to use the new plants, the grass, the rocks, the sheds, the sandcastles. To decorate the homes and lands outside Bellisseria. It is made available to the residents of Bellisseria, to enjoy, to look at.

But the people outside Bellisseria suffer.
To use similar decorations they must spend a fortune. Trees, grass and rocks don't come cheep! We use the sculpty rocks, the primmy library trees and grass. We light our houses and sewers with the lanterns found next to the road.

I call upon the city workers, Lindens and Moles, to make available decorational objects from Bellisseria for everybody to use!
To improve the lands outside Bellisseria, to improve our Fine City!
If you encounter a city worker, ask them for Bellisserian Goodies. You deserve it.

This is what I proclaim, this is what loyal citizens in my name will do!



"Michael I, Emperor of Bay City"
Disclaimer: The bay City Post is not responsible for statements made by Emperor Michael. We publish the proclamations as a service towards the citizens of our Fine City.
Reporter Vick Forcella

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